Bio-inspired Systems Lab


Since 2009, we are having quite some activity on biologically inspired robots. Our work focusses on mechatronics development, control and on the use of smart materials for bio-mimetic actuation.


Welcome to the bio-inspired systems pages @RobCib

Bio-mimetic device, by Leonardo da Vinci

Made on a Mac

Call for papers: Living Buildings: Bio-Inspired and Robotized Intelligent Architectures (Frontiers in Robotics and AI, Frontiers inBionics and Biomimetics)

BSLab accepted as Community Member of the ROBOSOFT Coord.Action for Soft Robotics (2015)

Workshop on Nature-inspired techniques for robotics @ PPSN 2014

Robot Safari: iTuna and BatBot @ the Science Museum of London (Nov. 24-31, 2013)